The need for the Fort of Graça

From mid-17th century on, the hill, which had until then a religious function, began to represent a major threat to the city, when the powder became part of the art of war.

Given its implementation, it was considered a fragile and strategic point, considering the attack of the enemy, constituting, at the same time, an imminent hazard to the population, since from this place, the city could be easily bombed. With the continuous development of the artillery, the short distance from the city and the unevenness between the Hill of Graça (404m) and the area of the Castle (345m), the need to fortify this natural threatening barrier was urgent.

It is the Count of Lippe who realizes this need, when he arrives, coming from England by the hand of the Marquis of Pombal, who gave him the task of reorganizing the Portuguese Army. It will be Lippe the one who orders the construction of the Fort of Graça.


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