The Chapel of the Fort and its Chaplains

In 1778, the most important works of the Fort were concluded and, in that same year, it was opened the cult of its Chapel. The image of Nossa Senhora da Graça was collected from the house of an officer and the altar was prepared and painted in order to receive the Saint. However, the Fort had no permanent chaplain for a few years and the religious assistance services were provided by the chaplain of the Artillery Regiment of Estremoz, which had its headquarters transferred, in 1767, to the Fort.

Overcame the difficulties to create a permanent chaplain position, it was definitely promoted on October 25th 1805, thus creating the chaplaincy.

The chaplain position was suppressed, as soon as it became vacant, by the article 5th of the D. of December 26th 1868, however the cult was perpetuated, which provided annually 144$000 réis to the Administrative Council of the Fort, in order to pay the presbytery that would assist the chaplain.

Reestablishing the chaplain’s position by the organization of October 24th 1884, it was kept until the Army Reorganization of May 25th 1911, which extinguished the military chaplains’ staff and lowered the classification of the Fort of Graça that no longer had a special Government.

Consequently, the cult of the Chapel of the Fortress ended and from which, in 1929, the images were taken in order to carry out the trial of the leaders of the revolt of February 1927.

The Chaplains of the Fort (listing)

Frei Francisco de Santa Rita;

Padre Manuel Joaquim Cordeiro e Silva;

Capelão Manuel Santa Tecla,

Capelão António Joaquim de Assunção,

Capelão Provº, António Augusto Teixeira,

Capelão Provº, António dos Santos;

Capelão de 2ª, Manuel Segismundo da Piedade;

Capelão António dos Santos

Capelão Abílio Augusto Rocha,

Capelão Provº, José Caetano Esteves

Capelão de 3ª, José Ferreira de Andrade

Capelão Provª, José Francisco Vasco de Almeida

Capelão António Diniz da Gama,

Capelão de 3ª, Elísio Mateus de Campo

Capelão de 3ª, Jaime José Ferreira

Capelão de 2ª, António Joaquim Camelo

Capelão de 3ª, José Norberto de Araújo Esmeriz

Capelão de 3ª, António Gaspar Cabral

Capelão de 3ª, Francisco Barbosa da Silva


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