Guillaume Louis Antoine de Valleré

Valleré was born in 1727 in France in the town of La Ferté-Milon, in the reagion of Picardia. He was the son of Claude-André de Valleré, recipient of benefits, and of Marie Genevieve Bonet. He pursued a religious life but soon he gave up and enrolled in the École Des-cadetes Gentilshommes, the military school of Paris. Graduating from this school, he took his studies further in the School of Bridges and Pavement of Paris. Later on, he joined a body of lightweight cavalry and in 1746 he was in the Battle of Raucoux. One year later, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He arrives in Portugal in 1753 and, four years later, he receives the category of Captain of the Miners of the Regiment of Artillery of Estremoz. He kept this post until 1762, the year when he nominated Lieutenant-Colonel and instructor of the Lesson of his regiment. Later, he becomes instructor of the Regiment of the Artillery of the Court, with its headquarters in the Tower of São Julião da Barra. It is then that he meets the Count of Lippe.

It is during the war with Spain that he becomes responsible of the command of a park of artillery in Abrantes. Having standing out on this assignment, he becomes Colonel and Commandant of the Regiment of Artillery of Estremoz. In 1753, Lippe chooses him to the construction of the Fort of Graça, as a substitute of the first architect, Etiénne. When in 1767, the Count of Lippe returns to Portugal, he promotes him to the Brigadier position. In 1789, thanks to his culture and resourcefulness, he is elected associate of the Royal Academy of Science. Five years later, still in the same academy, he wins a prize thanks to a hydraulic study. He invented a way to repair the pieces of caliber 3 so that they could be conducted by animals through rough mountains. He also creates several repairs to the plunging artillery in the Fort of Graça. In Elvas, Valleré, besides the Fort of Graça, he also designs the Barracks of Casarão (nowadays the Military Museum of Elvas), the Fountain of São Lourenço and also the Farm of Serra do Bispo, a countryside residence of the Bishop of Elvas and the Farm of the General Treasurer, residence of the general treasurer of the troops of the province of Alentejo. Guillaume Louis Antoine de Valleré died in Lisbon on May 12th 1796.


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